Mozambique Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Running Hospital Feeding System and Education on Suppliers Credit

By David Williams – Independent Correspondent

The Mozambique Ministry of Health is devastating local economies, by purchasing food from local suppliers on credit and not making payments for up to two years.

The local suppliers, many of them small businesses, are expected to finance the food program at hospitals, without any compensation or regard to interest on the money owed. One hospital in Gurue owes one supplier over a million Meticais dating back to 2010 and their offer to pay recently, was a mere 100,000.00MT. This is not even ten percent of the money owed since 2010.

A further example is the hospital in Alto Moloque where money is owed for over a year. The recently appointed, Director of the hospital, stated that any money owed before his appointment was not his problem. When money becomes available, it will only be paid to suppliers that supplied the hospital since his appointment. In this case, it appears that suppliers, that supplied goods before his appointment will not be paid.

The Ministry of Education, which receives USAID, is running their system in a similar manner, irrespective of the fact that USAID provides them with funds. One supplier is owed over one million Meticais from the Ministry of Education and is close to bankruptcy due to non-payment. This money is also owed for over a year.

Perhaps the questions are, “where is the money going?” “If not for supplier’s credit, how would the hospitals feed the patients?” Many questions remain about how/why Education and Health do not pay their bills.

Some of the suppliers have closed down, due to non-payment of accounts and the consequence is the loss of jobs. It is small business that provides 85% of jobs in any economy and the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in Mozambique, are systematically reducing the job market, especially in the province of Zambezia.




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