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Zimbabwe sex workers invade Mozambique, 'good business'

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clubofmozambique (2011-06-13) Zimbabwe's commercial sex workers have invaded Beira in Mozambique, citing good business in that country.

The local women, whose ages range from 15 to 35, mill along a sanitary lane near Capitol Colado Street.

A visit to Beira last week revealed that scores of Zimbabwean women, some as young as 15, have found a lucrative market in the neighbouring country.

To have an insight into how these women are luring their customers, this reporter pretended to be one of them as she asked how they identified their customers.

"You do not have to hunt for them. Just wait here with us and they will come in dozens," boasted one of the ladies of the night.

The sanitary lane, which is always dark during the night as there are no street lights, becomes a hive of activity from 6pm.
The women dress in all sorts of outfits, some semi-naked, and start waiting by the roadside early in the evening.

Motorists drive along the area in search of the women before turning into the lane where some of the women line up displaying their naked bodies.

Motorists would choose from the ladies on display for a service.

Along the lane is a dilapidated building which they use for their activities.
The ladies imitate a modelling session as men watch while seated in their cars and choose a lady that would have impressed them.

After choosing the lady, they move to a nearby building where there are booking rooms.

The reception area at the building is manned by a young lady who receives the money before directing couples to their rooms. The man foots the US$1 room fee as well as paying the lady US$5 for a short session.

It was not clear whether there are water facilities at the premises.
One after the other, the women could be seen walking in and out of the house with different men.

Some of the women spoken to confirmed they were in a lucrative job which at times earns them more than US$25 per night.

"Here we make more money than at home because Mozambican men pay. They are not like Zimbabwean men who want to use you but do not want to pay for the services," said one of the women.

She said in Zimbabwe it was difficult to make the US$20 per night as the men refuse to pay in most cases.
There were few customers who also come for short-time services.

"But here you can raise the US$20 through short time and then another US$20 for the rest of the night," she said.
She said on a good day, she was able to raise the US$25 within a few hours.

"I can raise that after getting on with four to five men before engaging one to spend the rest of the night with," she said.

She is now able to send money back home, which caters for her family.

"My parents know that I am working in Beira, so I have to send money back home.

"I go back home once after every three to five months," said another young lady who said she was from Harare's Mbare suburb.

On whether they use protection during their acts, the ladies said not all of the men like protection.

The woman manning the house said they wanted as many clients as possible per night. If a couple takes more time than anticipated, they knock on the door reminding them it's time up.

"Are you done? Make it fast as others want to use the rooms, please," she says as she knocks on every door.

Source: Sunday Mail

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From: Ivan
Tete is just as bad, you dont get a nude show, but ladies use the local Bars and other to pick up lonely white males far from home, working on contract, especially South Africans because they pay the most up to $100 a night. These girls are often gang raped, drugged, left in place where they do not know where they are, they say they have to do it to put food in their stomachs. There are no employment opportunities in Zimbabwe that is why they move into Moz. often with no papers, illegally, as such they fall prey to police who continually harrass them and expect favours for silence. They are abused and beaten. It is a human tradgedy.
From: Carlos carlos
This report is not well researched there are so many gaps in this story. to the journalist and editor of this site please do your research prior to publishing stories.All in all Pathetic reporting.
From: MafundaDjone
I would like to know what is "miri" isn't the currency of Mozambique called "metical"...? I am confused because even if the name was mistakenly typed, the exchange rate should at least tell consistent...? We (I)Mozambicans in diaspora rely on online news portals to keep us informed, and when the news is not consisted, creates a doubt in the whole media...!
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