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Date: 27/11/2015
Source: Banco Moçambique
News for Mining and Energy

Mozambique’s national petroleum company presents new gas project at London Summit

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clubofmozambique (2013-05-27) Mozambique’s national petroleum company Petromoc presented its plans to expand its operations into the gas sector at the World XTL 13 Summit, an annual international summit on gas, coal and biomass to liquids that took place in London this week.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Nuno de Oliveira was one of three speakers who showcased exciting new projects and updates on existing projects from a resource holder’s perspective in an event that aims to bring together the big players in this dynamic area of the global natural resources sector. He gave an overview of Mozambique’s recent economic performance and outlined Petromoc’s commitment to tap into the country’s enormous gas finds to satisfy its growing domestic need for energy, particularly diesel fuel, to continue its economic acceleration.

The fuel conversion project is a cross-border cooperation with South Africa’s Petrosa which will supply the technology to convert gas into liquids such as diesel and petrol fuel that it is already using in its Mossel Bay plant in Western Cape Province. A Memorandum of Understanding [(MoU)] was signed by the two companies in 2011 to establish their partnership on this project. The plant is due to be established in the new natural gas fields of Palma in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province, and is estimated to be up and running by 2022. As well as supply the domestic market with diesel, the plant will also produce for export regionally and internationally to ensure long-term viability.

The presentation was well received by delegates and sparked many questions from the floor, not least about Mozambique’s proposed natural gas ‘Master Plan’ which is under discussion within the government at present and expected to be finalised in June. Other presentations of emerging and established projects included the Oltin Yo’L GTL project in Uzbekistan – a joint venture with South Africa’s Sasol, and an update from the US State of Louisiana’s economic development body which coordinates that state’s economic development programmes, including its huge oil and gas sector.

Delegates to the conference included representatives from ORYX GTL, Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Velocys, Axens IFP Group Technologies and the International Gas Union, among others.

The 13th annual World XTL Summit was organised by the CWC Group. After the success of this year’s first Mozambique Gas Summit, the Group is organising the second edition of this event in Maputo from 10 to 13 June 2014.

Copyright – Club of Mozambique - Antje Brauer-Maxaeia

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