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Plane crashes at Maputo International Airport (Update 1)

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clubofmozambique (2010-12-07) A statement from the Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique indicates that a plane crash took place at 11:40PM, last Friday in Maputo International Airport, involving a Beech 1900C aircraft, registration number C9-AUO operated by Kaya Airline company and caused nine injuries, reported the daily newspaper Notícias.

Six injured were admitted to the Hospital Central de Maputo (HCM), and on Saturday morning, four victims were evacuated to the Trauma Centre Hospital at their request. At least five victims of the plane crash are still under medical care at the HCM and the Trauma Centre.

According to the weekly newspaper "Domingo", the airplane was carrying 12 passengers and 5 crew members and the accident occurred during the plane's approach to runway number 23.

The place crash was due to the bad weather that affected the city of Maputo last Friday, mainly the strong winds.

Update 1

AIM reported that Kaya used to be called Transairways, but changed its name when it was purchased by the company Tiko. This is owned by former Foreign Minister Leonardo Simao (with 50 per cent of the shares), his business partner Fausto Cruz (49 per cent), and the latter’s wife (one per cent). Cruz was on board the plane and suffered serious head injuries in the crash. He is among those evacuated to South Africa.

The director of Kaya Airlines, José Cachopas, yesterday, denied that there were any problems with the aircraft and also ensure that "the plane still had enough fuel for a flight autonomy of more than two hours."

"It was a connecting flight from Tete. It stopped in Nampula for fuel, and then departed for Maputo", said Cachopas.

"The captain has 18 years experience, which translates in some 17,000 hours of flight. The co-pilot has six years experience and six thousand hours of flight, and less than a month ago, they both did medical and technical tests in South Africa, in which both passed with flying colors", concluded Cachopas.

The Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique has opened an investigation into the causes of the crash, which are still unknown.

Club of Mozambique

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From: KKOK
Anonymous, I am a flight Captain and have been flying for over twenty years. Its too soon to lay blame on the crew. There are many factors that affect an aircraft in flight. There is a common factor called wind shear (a sudden gust of wind)which is beyond any humans control. This normally happens when there are thunder storms in the vicinity. There is a possibility this could have been the cause looking at the nature of this accident. I pray for all that were on board and wish them a quick recovery. Accidents happen all the time, be it in the air or the ground. Lets not jump the gun!.
From: Carlos
I'm a pilot in one of the virtual airlines virtual london (flight simulator) so I have some knowledge in this area I have purchased from readings made by me and cheap virtual time but with techniques used in real time. From what I know all the flight plan has to be filled with an alternative airport for these cases, and there are some rules that pilots must follow are: any pilot who normally has to be attentive and check all the airports 30 km or 40 km distances to occasions of emergency landing, so I also think it is either the fault of drivers or representatives of companies that would not get back the expenses pilots, passengers and crew, and highlighted that this and a new company in the market. thanks Happy New Year
From: Neomi Handloegten
What has the airline done for the victims of the crash?
From: Anonymous
I believe that it is 100% human error.If the pilots were so experienced(as the company so boldly claims), then they would have flown onto Komatipoort or Nelspruit in the best interests of their passengers. However, the large volumes of data that the company owners give on the competancy of their pilots actually means nothing. The company states that there was sufficient fuel for 2 more hours of flight. So, whats the problem? Why din't the pilots fly on to South Africa and land there? Or was it just expedient for the company to try and force a dangerous landing? In my mind it's pilot error all the way and thumbs down for this airline!
From: Geraldo
I've travelled with Kaya airlines before to Inhaca, and it was a good and safe trip, so i think this must really be a weather problem and not human error. Just hope people wont stop using the airline. At least no one died, and thats the key message in all this mess.
From: Antonio
@kryztala - glad to hear about your brother, hope all them make through in good health. this is good news when no one dies in a plane crash, there was a second airplane that also crashed in Tete on saturday, but only 4 people were on board and no one died. So this is going to be a good christmas, as we can all spend it with our families and not grieving their deaths. MERRY CHRISTMAS
From: kryztala
My brother was on that plane. He was badly injured,including all the people aboard on the plane. It was really hard with our family. My brother supposed to fly from mozambique to the Philippines on the next day. He wasn't able to go home for about 2 years because he was working in Mozambique. I was thankful to God that he was alive. He was done with his first operation on his head and the rest of his surgery followed later. I talked to him on the phone last 2 days ago. I was happy to find out that he felt a little better. Please, we will continue to pray for the plane crahs survivor. Thank you for your support!!
From: Anonimous
Why is it nobody mentions that some of the injured people was also assisted at ICOR????? How strange...
From: Jorgez
I'm glad no one was killed. Yes the weather was scary last Friday,
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